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TATSUMI, an animation Eric Khoo will make once in a lifetime.

An Animation Directed & Written by Eric Khoo

A Beautiful Animation featured at the Brussels Animation Film Festival (Anima)…which I missed.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi (born in 1935) was a manga pioneer  much like the legendary  Osamu Tezuka, a veteran of his caliber who wrote countless of short stories to make a living and to support himself and his peers. A man that is clearly not forgotten. For the french reader among you you might have seen him in a documentary that aired on ‘ARTE‘ years ago called Un monde Manga by Hervé Martin-Delpierre. As his face was starting to fade after the countless attempts I made to find his short works after the aforementioned documentary I re-discovered in 2010, I was finally confronted with this mangaka widely known as the true inventor of  “Gekiga” ( lit. dramatic pictures) once more.

English: Singaporean film director, screenwrit...

Eric Khoo

In an interview with Eric Khoo on the 19th of may before it’s first debuted on the 64th Cannes Film Festival, Eric Khoo explained that he will most likely never make an animation again because the only reason he made the animation of the trailer that you are watching now (hopefully) was born due to the admiration of the artist in question.  Maybe it is the lack of interest in this seemingly skilled director (mainly because i never watched any of his works before) or the fact that i’m still baffled by my own stupidity for forgetting to watch such an animation film, but I’m actually not surprised. I do hope however, that he continues to make quality works. He won two awards so far for this film, let’s hope he does much more in the future.

One way or another I will watch and when I do… I may forget that I failed to watch this when I should have… yes, I will not let that slide…ever.


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