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The Descendants, The review

Just sittin'...

Directed by: Alexander Payne

Written by: Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon

A man solely responsible for his daughters after her faithful …well, wife ends up comatose.

 Workaholic father Matt King (George Clooney) ends up ‘re-connecting’ with his two uncontrollable daughters while being the trusted keeper of a vast amount of Hawaiian inherited family ground debated to be kept or  sold in the family and by locals. He is dealt with situation that brought forth the need for anti-depressive as he find out that his wife had some skeletons in her closet before she got severely injured in a boating accident. A story that skips the straight dramatic routs taking a few humorous shortcuts starring the famous acting pioneer-and Oscar nominee (still rooting for Jean Dujardin tough!)- George Clooney . It’s almost Irony how such stressful events take place in the lush green paradise that is Hawaii…or is it just me?Anyone…?

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Fil...

Smiling for that Oscar,George?

As abovementioned; the movie takes place in the islands of Hawaii, the supposed vacation destination deceiving the key features of this movie because in this ‘paradise’ of flora and old-fashion flower shirts and shorts are daily family problems like anywhere else in the world, problems which Matt King is carrying like a donkey with a mule. George Clooney wouldn’t have gotten that Oscar nomination if it was just for his performance and convincing dialogues, what caught my eye was  that this stylish espresso-representing actor became a tired housewife (one way to put it) which had its imprints on his physical appearance (let me just add that they should NEVER make another running scene like what you’ll see in this movie again… it was just horrible.). Honestly the picture to your left is nothing like the stressed-out father Matt King, a man who has tons of responsibility, the kind of man who carries stacks of paper while life adds even more making him drop the important files: his relationship with his wife which wasn’t going well.

Paradise? Paradise can go fuck itself.

There are pro’s and con’s in every movie known to man, some are acceptable and others are just ridiculous. This one was ridiculous… The spectacular retarded teenager that’s introduced into this family crisis (for no reason) by Matt’s daughter Alexandra(Shailene Woodley) supposedly for additional comic relief named Sid (Nick Krause). I wonder who thought it was fitting to add such a character, Nat Faxon or the Director himself? Either way, it had no use nor was it necessary to keep a steady plot or to increase character development. I’m not saying Nick Krause is a bad actor it’s just that he wasn’t supposed to get a role in the first place. The story would have been fine without him even if he warmed up to the two daughters and to Matt no less showing some signs of compassion and intellect. A failed attempt for a protagonist that is not family related and supposed to divert the attention from serious issues to relaxing humor…it didn’t work…at all.

Oh, I think your last brain cells just died Sid…

Except for the Sid accident, I did enjoy the movie far more than I thought I would. The manifestation of Matt’s morality towards selling or keeping a land that was entrusted to him from his ancestors of Hawaiian decent plays a growing factor in the second half of the movie eventually coming all together near the end of the movie. The time of happiness, sadness, comedy, anger and confrontation where divided nicely something that I haven’t seen in a while ( Matthew McConaughey you just can’t seem to do that can you?).


A drama meant to be a birth place for humorous dilemma’s and deep moral evaluations on Matt King’s part is a well received blend of soft-drama and soft-comedy. Some claim this movie to be “Clooney’s best performance of his career” (as mentioned in first picture) which wouldn’t prove to be wrong if you were to check his best movies. I would also like to mention that Hawaii was a great setting for the direction this movie was heading. I was puzzled at first but I grew fond of it as the story progressed. I would say ” I wish this wins an Oscar under the category ‘best picture’  tomorrow” but that would be a lie, for I strongly hope The Artist to prevail as ‘Best Picture’ . Just being honest people, just being honest…


5 comments on “The Descendants, The review

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  2. stardust979
    March 4, 2012

    Hi I chanced upon your blog and I like the reviews you have written. I was very touched when I watched this film, and strongly felt this (and Moneyball) should have deserved more oscars. I like international films especially Japanese films and some French films. I just watched The Actor yesterday and still felt it was abit over-rated 🙂 Will follow your blog, thank you!

    • Osaru-yo
      March 4, 2012

      I strongly disagree. The great performance by Jean Dujardin in The Artist was destined to get that Oscar. The well acted part as George Valentine trough body language, impersonation of a ruined life style and typical 19th century characteristics marked the well written movie as a success in both festivals and the golden globes lading up to the main event. George Clooney was my runner up tough. To think an actor that made a living out of parody movies and short TV sketches could come this far!

      • stardust979
        March 4, 2012

        Hi thanks for replying! I felt the Artist was portrayed well by Dujardin and it was rather moving at times especially towards the end. Perhaps the B&W was also rather innovative for it to stand out. However, for best picture, I felt it could have gone to The Descendants because it struck a chord with me and my friends about the importance of family. I guess Clooney will have better luck next time!

        • Osaru-yo
          March 4, 2012

          The importance of family is a cliché that nested itself deep inside drama’s. The well portrayed and original display of that matter in the descendant is undoubtedly an Oscar wordy movie. However it could not win against the originality that is the homage to the dawn of the 19th century. A movie that a mere director/actor would not be able to make, that is the reason why it triumphed among it’s nominated peers.

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