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Midnight In Paris, Le review.

A man lost in thoughts walking in front of a Van Gogh painting…irony anyone?

Directed & Written by: Woody Allen

A writer lost in time making the most obvious french pronunciation mistakes known to americans…lovely.

Midnight In Paris is a 2011 romance with a slight humor written in a somewhat fictive plot. The story follows Gil Pender (Owen Wilson), a hack writer visiting Paris with his fiancé Inez(Rachel McAdams) and her parents.Gil wishes to write a novel and move to Paris with the presumed intention to leave his former life behind him with his soon to be wife who has different plans which keep outweighing his with the help of the collective opinions of her snob parents and pseudo-intellectual friend. But it does not end there, as you follow the somewhat lost antagonist you end up in a different time (literally) as Gil’s ‘golden age’ of Paris becomes  a reality: the 1920’s. A Woody Allen movie that interested me from the beginning while building a brick wall for future scenes.

Gil is a good man, talkative and constantly lost in thoughts, a man who enjoys simple things and long rainy  walks. While his fiancé enjoys nights out and daily trips and expensive activities. As the movie develops itself  the impression I got was that Woody Allen was trying to slowly create a raft between the two lovers who by the way,have little to nothing in common (how did they even get together?), a raft of lifestyle that opened the door to these ‘trips,’ a subtile way to add such fictive aspect to a movie in my opinion.However , it created a romantic paradox; at some point in the film it is revealed that they do not share characteristics nor ideals and that her parents are not seeing him as the worlds best son-in-law, but at the same time , Gil tries to bond with her as if he is blind to the obvious differences that become more and more visible through time.Which is something that irritated me to no end.


The movie start of as a generic romance movie about a couple visiting Paris and all the goodies that come with it. But as you settle down in that  smooth story about a new couple seen true the eyes of a man who thinks different from his peers , you see an old auto-mobile picking up the latter dazzling your smooth story and THAT was the brick wall. The trips felt too sudden, more than usual and it took time to get used to it that you got ripped out of your realistic scenery and placed in the 20’s which from my old perspective was impossible. But when you get over that, you will realize that the time trips are a portal to a more complex romantic story filled with comedy of famous people he meets (Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald; Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein etc.) which lighten the mood and allow him to finally share his book.

The transitions from present to past are direct and with no warning as Gil tries to cope with his fiancé and her entourage  and his trips to his favorite time in history with some of the most open-minded people he ever met, it’s needless t say that this obsession will fuel the movie as he finds love in a different time. While that aspect of the story seems to be interesting and full of suspense Woody Allen chooses to top Gil’s moral understanding over a potentially good ending and story twist. The ending of this movie was not what I hoped it to be. So many elements in this movie pointed at a different direction from which I concluded that Woody Allen had a grand plan for all that. Sadly he did not.

Ernest Hemingway portrayed by Corey Stoll

It’s still a beautiful movie, it’s just the ending. It was too simple for such a well performed movie.

The comedic element where good tough, they weren’t meant to make you laugh but to keep you entertained as you see a common 21st century man  in the 20’s. But the real comedy  for me was hearing american trying to say french words…priceless.


Woody Allen makes another good movie, with a good cast (especially Owen Wilson’s performance). Yet he fails to deliver that much-needed closure. I would still advice people to watch this movie. But if you expect an ending that matches this movie’s excitement , then you should better brace yourself because it will not.


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One comment on “Midnight In Paris, Le review.

  1. stardust979
    March 4, 2012

    I watched this film on the plane and hope to get the DVD soon because the quality wasn’t very clear and was abit sleepy! 🙂 But I loved this film, because of how Allen bravely ventured into a bit of historical fantasy to showcase the ‘what if’ qualities..I liked the ending though it was not as exciting as I hoped. However, I must admit this is one of Allen’s better European films. His previous ones like Match Point and Scoop were not too bad though Match Point I felt was better. I am not a big fan of the Barcelona film 😀 I must confess I have only watched his recent films but would like to watch some of his classics if I can find the DVD.

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