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God Bless America ? Will Bobcat Goldthwait succeed?

Directed & Written by: Bobcat Goldthwait

-Wishing some spoiled brats and  mainstream pop culture would just die , the movie.

You know how some of us are confronted with modern media such as Jersey shore, Justin beiber, Rebecca black etc. that pollute young minds into acknowledging it as fundamental pillars of society?Thinking Kanye West instead of Daft Punk when they hear “Harder, Better,Faster,Stronger” , making a huge scene because they didn’t get an Iphone  neglecting the fact that they got so much more ? And one day, you just facepalm in the presence of true ignorance and stupidity and think: “what has this world come to?”. Well! This is similar except that they actually kill people who doesn’t deserve to be on this planet anymore. Yes, it’s that simple. I’m going to be totally honest, I’m not a fan of dark comedy and I have yet to see a movie by Bobcat Goldthwait becoming a hit at Box office or at any particular recognized festival.

Screenshot of the upcoming movie, theatrical release is due in the spring of 2012

This trailer Reminds me of Kick-Ass for some reason…

The reason that instantly pushed me to make this blog is the core of this movie. Any person with a bit of cultural and global knowledge lost faith in the new generation’s mainstream culture and ignorance about that which came before. However, if the director/writer were to fail to give that realistic push , the semi-realistic dialogues and scenes would collapse on itself turning the confrontational core of this movie wasted frames.And that fear seems to be a reality as I came across a few Reviews of  last year’s  Toronto International Movie Festival release:

Semi-comic fantasia of violence against vapid pop culture can’t do justice to its own ideas

 -John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter (Article)

Never finding a real narrative spine after its first act, and continuing to mock over-easy targets rather than refining its thesis that as a nation, “We’ve lost our soul,” pic ends up a lightweight, poor man’s version of ideas from “Natural Born Killers,” “Network” and even “American Dreamz.” Its increasing aimlessness is underlined by an exceptionally slow credits crawl.

-Dennis Harvey, Variety (Article)

The only thing worse than a movie with a bad plot is a movie who undermines a potentially good one, I may not have seen this movie but these reviews are my witness. He sacrificed a perfectly good theme by neglecting the very foundations of his own films. Leaving us with one question: Why?For better character development perhaps? I doubt that. It’s still to early to take the director’s skills into question, but sadly all the defects in this movie are screaming Bobcat Goldthwait. But then again it’s never wise to judge a movie without seeing it first i guess. A review is still an evaluated work of ones own thoughts of a chosen subject, a very open-minded one though.

-When this film gets released in theaters, what will you do?

Despite the negative statements in this blog I still look forward seeing this movie (for a lower price) mainly because Joel Murray role speaks to me in a twisted yet entertaining fashion. If this movie turns out to be another generic movies so be it, at least I will know it is, with my own eyes.

-Osaru out-

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