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Fight Club, I am Jack’s review.

DVD cover (from front to back:Brad Pitt , Edward Norton)

Directed by: David Fincher

Written by:Chuck Palahniuk (novel) , Jim Uhls (screenplay)

-Why Soap you ask ? Because you have no idea what the f#@k is going on.And you like it!

Fight Club! The 1999 violent drama that (supposedly)  failed as a blockbuster and rose to be  a popular and praised cult film starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt.Do not let the tittle mislead you,It’s a mere push in the right direction,one that will make you question what you know about character development.

What do you get when a Slightly dysfunctional insomniac car company employee and a loony-assertive soap salesmen come together ? An underground  fight club (…What?).You think you know how an aggressive under toned drama plays out ?No you do not,not according to  this movie; forget all you know about sweat ,blood and Masochistic ideologies rooting in the mind of common men.This work is an examples of movies who shouldn’t have gone unnoticed   mainly because of the  Unexpected  low revenue at box-office,making it a shame that such a controversial film was branded as pass-able.
-Soap & Narrator
Surprisingly  the movie’s main concern isn’t the fight club,it’s the forced liberation of pent-up male Aggression and mischief which started with a fight club and became so much more with the help of two individuals: A narrator and an antagonist/protagonist.

His Insomnia reliever

The combination of Acting and Narrating is a well-known act among movies especially drama’s and thrillers ,like wanted for example: where the antagonist Wesley,  leads you into his life from scraps to bullets to captivate and to keep the viewers concentrating on the ‘this-is-my-life-i’m-telling-you’ aspect of a film.The Narrator is a mere voice that strengthen an actors credibility.And that same aspect has been carefully re-written in fight club: the Narrator IS the antagonist, Edward Norton’s credibility as the main character ,whose name will never be mentioned what so ever , is not much more than “the narrator” who in times “let’s go” of his former restricted routine of a life (a real ‘explosive’ decision…you’ll get it), fading in the background  leaving  the protagonist Tyler Durden with much more breathing space so that in time , you’ll  fully experience the impact that is brewing in the narrators life   while telling the narrators story which will all come together in the marvelous plot twist near the end of the story . On one note i would like to add that Brad Pitts role as Tyler Durden fits like a hand and glove : Assertive , slightly arrogant ,deranged in a captivating way a psychological collision with the narrators soon to be dealt with boring life, fake support groups ruined by an unstable pest of a woman who is forever embedded in his life and finally : his simple-minded life style .
Noticed the soap yet?It’s a running theme in the movie and if you have little knowledge in chemistry knowing this movie’s rough theme it will clear a lot of  questions and if you think hard enough,it will answer even more.
That’s right. One could make all kinds of explosives, using simple household items
Despite the crude dialogues and hazardous and foul scenes , it still crawled  its way true the pile of my favorite movies in an incredibly short period .I als do not recommend watching ANY trailer of any kind ,a synopsis  will do and my word that this movie will not let you down if you can look past the few degrading scenes & dialogues.
Because this is one movie that will blow your mind.
-Osaru out-
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