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Reservoir Dogs, The review.

You are full of $@# if you deny the fact that This movie is one of Quentin  Trantino's best films.

Written & Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

-You are full of $@#t if you deny the fact that This movie is one of Quentin  Tarantino’s best and most respected film.

Reservoir Dogs ,the top 1992 crime thriller about a planned  jewelry heist set in motion  by a few individuals knowing each other only by colorful aliases that went wrong leaving four of them taking refuge with a potential mole among them , a great thriller wrapped up in an intense suspense and a particular interesting sense of chronological editing. If only Four Rooms shared the same greatness and cunning screenplay that this movie is praised for…oh well.If you are expecting a crime thriller that follows the events from scene to scene to create a basic understanding that lasts from beginning to end, then  you clearly never watched a piece written by Q.Trantino.Tarantino made sure to trow you into an abyss that is this movie with no parachute and with little knowledge about what in god’s name went wrong in the beginning (he is kind enough to give you their “names” though,such a gentlemen this guy) only to find out that these questions won’t be answered…yet. It doesn’t take long however, to find out that something went wrong but you don’t know how and that excites you to explore more about this marvelous movie as more information and disasters and tons of confrontation keeps streaming in. Make no mistake this isn’t a gory movie ,but labeling this movie as “mild gore” would be an understatement in some scenes. And if you read the synopsis you should also know that the robbery isn’t the main concern.The only personal down point about this movie is the fact that they left out some scenes that I think where appropriate,for example: the conversation between mr.Pink and mr. White concerning the  irrational behavior of mr. blonde during the robbery, not a single frame was made to strengthen that argument.

You give yourself a couple of seconds, get ahold of it and deal with it. What you don’t do is start shootin’ up the place and start killin’ people!

The dialogues are the only means you’ll have to form a basic understanding of what went down. The fact that you live the moments of this movie from the crew’s perspective is a great and entertaining experience but there were times where I was desperately hoping for a short  scene concerning  mr. Blonde’s irrational behavior during that fateful moment,but that might have been too much to ask i presume.

Settings and Characters

A few things that kept entertaining   : The plot and the main characters.

Harvey Keitel’s  professional yet instinctive acting and Tim Roth’s hysterical screen-time were moments I greatly appreciated,  Although the back story as to how mr.Orange got his injury was somewhat of a let down. Don’t get me wrong it tied the loose ends nicely, but the build up to that particular scene was too great (and took way too long)  for it to fall that flat. I think Steve Buscemi was a great choice as mr. Pink but I’m still left wondering why they casted Edward Bunker. To fulfill the empty but yet not needed spot perhaps ? Kind of an unnecessary move on Tarantino’s part knowing that the movie didn’t need him AT ALL.

What I find remarkable about the plot is that they made a crime thriller about a robbery gone wrong without showing the robbery,not even once . The enigma of the failed robbery unfolds itself   inside an empty warehouse where they have to deal with loose ends and the rising frustration while each main character’s  story is shown.The mood is mostly filled with tension and distrust in which   Michael Madsen well-played role as mr.Blonde shines as the suspicious and quite dangerous member  of the group, you should look forward to his present that will lighten the mood (hint : do cop’s bleed hard?) in a sadistic way.

Tension creates confrontations between the crew.


Despite the few  ‘missing frames’ I was desperately waiting for, I could still say that this by far one of my favorite movies.It’s an escape of today’s generic crime thrillers .The movie pulls you in and fills your head with questions and confrontations as you watch a hand full of desperate criminals which identities are sealed behind aliases preventing unnecessary attachment if something would happen, just like i like it.I strongly recommend getting this great work .

Experiencing human instincts exposing themselves in critical times while maintaining a solid and well written story.Yes, this is one movie you do not want to miss.

-Osaru out-

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